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I remember, as a freshman in high school, being very fearful of the college experience. I was always afraid that I would never amount to the success that I had heard of many people attaining throughout their college years. Given that I am in my second year of college, I can fairly say that most of my fears never became reality (as with most things I spend too much time worrying about). However, I have come to love so many different aspects of college life that I have been eager to share for quite some time. So here we go.

1. Flexibility is probably one of my favorite perks to being in college. This may be more applicable to community colleges than four-year colleges, especially for lower division courses, but the amount of options I have regarding the days and times of classes makes scheduling around certain time frames practical (particularly when I have commitments outside of school).

2. Finding the most fascinating aspects of every subject (even if it is not my favorite) is perhaps one of the more subtle perks as it does not necessarily occur in the same way with every class. Some semesters are better than others but generally speaking, there is always something interesting that can be found within any subject. Regardless of what your major is, I have found general Medicine courses fascinating as the exposure to different subjects has allowed me to accumulate valuable knowledge I would have never considered otherwise.

3. Finally knowing what you want to major in is one that I only recently discovered. Deciding what you want to major in during your last year of high school and sticking with it is no easy task and for many people, changing majors is pretty common. Like most first year college students, I was also bouncing around the majors I had been considering. Once I had finally realized where my interests were leading me, I knew exactly what my major was going to be and I could not be happier.

4. Knowing WHY you are going to college. If there is anything I have learned while being in college, it is my purpose as a student. I have come to understand how much I am able to accomplish. I have come to realize that I really do love going to school. I look forward to school. I look forward to learning something new everyday. I have come to realize that I am not going to college for my parents. I am going to college for myself. I am going to learn and I am enjoying every bit of it. I am making the most of it. I can honestly say that I love college.

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