We, theIndians, have been maintaining a perennial bonhomie with Russia ever since the Nehruvian era.  Russia has been our all-weather friend for the past several decades.  Russia is one of the favourite nations for the Indian students to pursue their MBBS course.  The universities of Russia provide high quality medical education.  The life style and culture of Russia is well suited for the Indian students.The ethnic groups of Russia comprise nearly 80% Russians.  Russia is one of the well-known destinations for pursuing MBBS course for the Indian students.

Geography & Weather

Generally the weather in Russia varies from place to place.  It is a fact that Russia is a cold country with temperature plunging to sub-zero level during peak winters.  Russia straddles from Europe to the East of Asia which is collectively called Eurasia.  Winters in Russia usually stretches to 3-4 months.  The hostels, classrooms, campus corridors, library, restaurant and the public transports are centrally heated.  Students must use warm clothes like fur coats, caps and gloves etc., while relocating to Russia for pursuing their MBBS course.

People of Russia

Generally Russians are very affable and friendly in nature.  Because Indians and Russians are age old friends.  Mostly Russians are voracious readers.  You can see many Russians reading books in trains and buses.  Their general awareness is very high and they are considered well educated and well knowledgeable worldwide.


Russians take pride in their mother tongue the Russian language.  At the same time many people in Russia speak English, French and other European languages as well.  Most of the Russians choose German or French or other European languages for their optional subjects in their high schools.

Medical education In Russia

Russia offers the best medical education in the world at affordable cost.  The students have to learn their theoretical and practical medical lessons in English for the first three years.  In the last three years, the subjects are taught in both English and Russian.  A working knowledge in Russian language is mandatory to interact with patients and colleagues.  The other advantages of pursuing Medical education in Russia:

  • No need to pay any donation or capitation fees.
  • No need to clear any entrance exam.
  • Hassle-free admission process.
  • D( M.B.B.S as per India) degree is accredited by world renowned bodies such as WHOand the Medical Council of India.
  • Excellent hostel facilities and good Indian food are available.
  • Congenial campus atmosphere with sports facilities are ensured.
  • The students teachers ratio is 7:1

Advantages Of Studying MBBS in Russia over other Countries.

1. In Russia the student directly gets admitted to the Medical Course.
2. Cost of doing MBBS in Russia is nominal with nominal living expenses.
3. Food – all types of food products both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians are available in Russia. Most of the students prepare their own food that is economical and convenient. However in most of the colleges, Indian food is available or can be arranged. However the college canteen is economical than the food consumed outside.
4. A popular destination for medical studies for Indians for several decades.
5. Climate- The colleges to which we admit students have a moderate climate and is not too cold and the hostels and college is equipped with heaters during winters keeping the students warm and comfortable.
6. Language – The medium of instruction is English. Students, Professors, Lectures speak English and Russian. However Russian is taught in the college which is mandatory as it will help them in their day to day life and during their internship in hospitals and also if the students clear higher level exams they will be awarded with an additional degree in Russian language which is of very good demand nowadays.
7. Travel Cost is at par with other countries like Philippines or China. To and fro Flight ticket from Chennai to Moscow ranges around Rs. 35,000 and the connectivity is abundant.
8. Travel time is also quiet short; Chennai to Moscow is around 8 to 10 hours by flight with stopovers.
9. Eligibility is 60% marks min in physics, Chemistry, Biology however some colleges demand higher grades around 80% to 85%.
10. Sufficient patient flow in hospitals helps the students to gain more practical knowledge and skills.
11. Drinking alcohol and Drug consumption is prohibited and strict action will be taken against offenders inside College campus making it very hard for the students to get influenced by these social evils.
12. College infrastructures are ultra-modern, advanced and big.
13. Good study environment, modern, well equipped sports facility and well stocked library are provided inside the campus making it a very ideal environment for the all-round development of the students.
14. Good hostels with all modern amenities allows the students to have a very comfortable living without any hindrance to pursue their studies.
15. These colleges are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and world health organization(WHO) and can be checked by visiting the below mentioned links:

Belgorod State University: One of the leading Universities of Russia, providing Best education.

Belgorod State Medical University